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1a07b7dJomaira, Class of 2009

“I am a Girls Inc. of Lynn alumna. I am one of the many girls they have inspired to become a strong, smart and bold woman. My family and I moved to Lynn, Massachusetts from the Dominican Republic when I was nine. My parents worked long hours at multiple jobs to create a better life for our family. There were many challenging and isolating times. Knowing very little English and with few friends, I was timid and unsure about the future. However, the sense of isolation was gone when I walked into Girls Inc. The staff and the friends I made allowed me to believe that I have the right and the potential to pursue my dreams and achieve my goals. I did not have to be another statistic or another stereotype. I was an individual. I was a girl with ambitions and the abilities to make them reality. I had a sisterhood of girls in my corner who encouraged each other to set positive goals for and to not cave into peer pressure. With the support of Girls Inc., I gained confidence to speak in public and the power to obtain a college education. I attended college with a full scholarship and was even the student commencement speaker at my graduation. All the important lessons I learned at Girls Inc. are still with me today in my personal and professional life. I plan to pursue a PhD in sociology with a special focus on helping immigrants achieve higher education. Girls Inc. of Lynn believed in me and supported me. I now inspire others to achieve their goals.”

10623002_10152474598154748_6047817959242263848_nCarolin, Class of 2013

“I have always been a very reserved person; but in my earlier years I was a bit too reserved. In fact, sometimes anti-social, like a turtle in its shell. My mother can vouch for this because when we first moved here, translating for her in public was so intimidating. My quiet manner stemmed from my preconceived notion that anything I did, or anything I said was insignificant. The personal challenges that surrounded were enough to stifle my outward look on everything. This dramatically changed when I became part of Girls Inc. of Lynn. There I felt safe, I could be myself… I did not feel judged. I was accepted, shy or not. I became a member when I was seven years old. It was around this time that Girls Inc. cemented forever its place in my life. One day, a talent show was being held in the old Girls Inc. on Broad Street and all the girls showcased their talents. Being the shyest girl in the entire place, I simply watched from the crowd. My only thoughts were ‘I want to be just like them’ because they weren’t afraid. At the age of fourteen when I started as a volunteer at Girls Inc., I started to realize the younger girls noticed and cared when I spoke to them. I started gaining this confidence I had never seen before. Soon after that, I joined the teen programs, and through them I became a Posse Scholarship awardee and am currently attending Denison University. If it isn’t evident, things changed for me when I became a member of Girls Inc. Genuinely, I embrace myself as a person because the people at Girls Inc. along with my mother, continued to reassure me that I AM SIGNIFICANT, despite the struggles.”




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