Notes from Executive Director: AmeriCorps at GIL

As the Executive Director, one of the tasks I enjoy the most at Girls Inc. is our monthly staff meeting. Our last meeting, during staff updates, I was struck by the talent and commitment of all of our staff… in particular, our AmeriCorps members. Year after year, the AmeriCorps members that serve at Girls Inc. of Lynn have not only inspired our girls to be strong, smart and bold, but have also exemplified it through their dedication to service. This year, we are lucky to have six talented women that have undoubtedly made an impact throughout our organization. Take a look, I think you will agree we are fortunate to have such strong, smart and bold women on our team!


Family Engagement Coordinator/ ELL Mentor- Middle School Program      

United Way AmeriCorps

Bernice was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Lynn at the age of 8. She graduated from Suffolk University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and History. Bernice is a strong believer in serving one’s community and has been active in community service since high school. Through her English Language Learners mentoring program, she provides support to several groups that teach girls to support each other, learn about different cultures and improve their literacy skills by reading bilingual books. She is very excited to be serving at Girls Inc. because she identifies with our mission.
“As the only girl in my family, I always felt the need to work harder than my brothers to prove that girls can also be successful. I have a pro-girl mentality and because of this, I have already developed amazing connections with the girls”.



College Access and College Mentoring Coordinator- Teen Programs

Massachusetts Promise Fellowship

Abbie grew up in Pennsylvania and moved to Massachusetts in 2011 to pursue a degree in Social Work. While she was a senior at Gordon College, she became an intern in our Teen Programs. During her internship, she immediately fell in love with Girls Incorporated. Her passion has always been to work with young women to inspire them to succeed and follow their dreams. Her current position at Girls Inc. is not only her dream job but she also sees it a great opportunity to advance her education and serve the community. “I’ve gained a lot through Girls Inc. of Lynn. They carry their mission of inspiring ALL girls through so many different avenues… as AmeriCorps members and even as interns, we all benefit from this mission. We are inspired every day by staff, the girls, and the work we all do“.



Beach Sister Program Coordinator – School Age Child Care, Middle School and Teen Programs

Massachusetts Promise Fellowship

Amanda grew up on Long Island, NY. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Elon University in North Carolina. Her current role as Beach Sisters Coordinator allows her to combine her passion for science and education, making this the perfect position for her. As a second year AmeriCorps member here at Girls Inc., she has encouraged many girls to become passionate about marine science and community service. “One of the beach sisters once looked at me in awe and said ‘wow, I had no idea we were so connected to the ocean’; this same girl became a Peer Leader the next academic year… it is moments like these that make my service worthwhile. Girls Inc. of Lynn provides unique opportunities for girls, it differs from other programs because here, we build community leaders”.



Youth Leadership Coordinator- Teen Programs

Social Capital Inc.

Benine grew up in Malden, MA. She is currently an undergrad student at Salem State University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Through her current role, she oversees Part of the Solution Youth Council at Girls Inc., which is responsible for involving many youth in community projects throughout Lynn. Within a few months, teens have already built a trusting bond with her. She believes in the empowerment of youth, especially girls. Benine has also started her own nonprofit organization called SOS, which focuses on serving girls as well. “I’ve always admired the work done at Girls Inc. I have a personal passion to motivate girls and young women to be the best they can be. Serving here at Girls Inc. of Lynn is truly a dream come true for me“.



 Academic Advisor & ELL Coordinator- Teen Programs

United Way AmeriCorps

Arantza grew up in Lynn and is a Girls Inc. of Lynn alumna. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work at Salem State University, and credits Girls Inc. of Lynn for helping her discover this career path. Arantza became a member of Girls Inc. of Lynn at the age of 12. After graduating high school, and moving on to college, she felt something was missing in her life. She visited Girls Inc. of Lynn and realized that the missing “something” was her family at Girls Inc. During the visit, she discovered this AmeriCorps position and immediately applied for it. “Girls Inc. of Lynn has always been part of my life, and it always will be. I feel so honored to be giving back. Connecting with the girls comes so easily to me because I have been in their shoes… I am a Lynn girl, I am a Girls Inc. girl. And to be doing this through AmeriCorps has also helped me show the girls the importance of serving one’s community”.



Volunteer Outreach Coordinator

Social Capital Inc.

Cam grew up in Newton, MA. She earned a dual Bachelor’s degree in English and Women Studies from Colby College. Cam knew she was interested in the nonprofit field and thought AmeriCorps would be a great way to explore the different roles within nonprofits. Her favorite part about her year of service so far is learning about the city of Lynn. She is amazed by the sense of community within Lynn and the great work being done by local nonprofits.  “I am very excited to be serving at Girls Inc., it is like the ‘Holy Grail’ for Women Studies majors, like me. So far I have learned that even the smallest task I do can have a big impact on the girls. It is very rewarding to see the volunteers I recruit, make a difference in the girls’ lives”.

We are so grateful for all our AmeriCorps members and volunteers at Girls Inc. of Lynn. We could not do this without you. Thank you all.

Happy Thanksgiving.