Notes from Executive Director: Lydia and Nikki

I love this season. It helps remind me how lucky I am. Lucky to have bright, resilient and strong girls in our program, dedicated staff, generous donors and exceptional volunteers of all ages. Recently, in the news, there have been several articles about how the next generation is apathetic to the world around them. That has not been the case at Girls Inc. of Lynn. We have young volunteers from all the local colleges and high schools. Two such volunteers, Lydia and Nikki, should lay to rest any misgivings you may have about the next generation.

Lydia and Nikki are both creative high school students from local communities who had big ideas for their favorite charity, Girls Inc. of Lynn.

Just a few weeks ago, Lydia decided to combine her media skills with her love for Girls Inc. to produce an amazing video for Project For Awesome, a community-driven charitable movement on YouTube used to promote awareness and donations for non-profit organizations. When Lydia learned about Project For Awesome, she became intrigued about the idea of showcasing Girls Inc. of Lynn and possibly earning donations for it. Soon after the idea surfaced, she began recording live footage of the girls, interviewing staff and putting together the short film she then submitted to the Project For Awesome contest. The entire process of filming, editing and even submitting the video was completed entirely by Lydia. The video remained among the top videos viewed. We won’t know until next month if we have won the contest, but the video has given Girls Inc. of Lynn recognition among the international YouTube community. Click here to watch the video!

Our other amazing volunteer, Nikki, initiated the Popup Thrift Store project this summer, with the sole purpose of raising funds and awareness of the programs at Girls Inc. of Lynn. Nikki originally wanted to volunteer at Girls Inc., to teach soccer during the summer session. But once she learned more about Girls Inc. of Lynn, she began to think big. She has always loved thrift stores and thought it would be a great way to raise funds. So she secured a vacant store, and with the use of social media, Nikki enlisted volunteers and began gathering donations of clothing, accessories, and housewares from the surrounding communities. Through Nikki’s ambitious proposal and the help of many community volunteers, the store opened its doors on July 9th, 2014; And within four short months, the store raised close to $40,000.

During this joyful season, we stand in celebration for all our volunteers and supporters. But specially the next generation of volunteers. We are grateful for all their commitment and ideas that have helped our organization grow past our expectations.

Happy Holidays!