Notes from Executive Director: All you need is love.

All you need is LOVE… and Girls Inc. of Lynn!

During this exceptionally snowy winter, we thought it would warm your heart to hear some quotes from the girls themselves, sharing what they love about Girls Inc. of Lynn!

“Girls Inc. just makes me happy, even when I’m sad.” Lydia, Middle School

“I love circle time because I get to see all my friends.” Denva, School Age Child Care

“I like all the cool things I do at mentoring.” Rosalinda, Middle School

“I love it because it’s just girls!” Julis, School Age Child Care

“I come here every day because of the friendly and welcoming environment. All the girls are so friendly, staff are trustworthy, and it feels like a family.” Brittaney, Teen Programs

“When I am in school, sometimes I think about Girls Inc. and can’t wait to get out just so I can come hang out with the staff.” Wendy, Middle School

“I love all the programs I’ve been part of. But Sister 2 Sister and College Mentoring are definitely my favorites. In the summer, Sister 2 Sister takes us on trips such as camping and ziplining. Those are some of my fondest memories of Girls Inc. of Lynn. And College Mentoring is helping me go to college. What else could I ask for?” Raynie, Teen Programs

“What I love about Girls Inc. are the role models I am surrounded by. I not only learn from the staff, but I learn from my peers too.” Sara, Teen Programs

“I love that there are girls from all different backgrounds. We come here, we talk, we share, we learn… I love being here.” Maryann, Teen Programs

“I love the freedom I feel at Girls Inc. I can be who I really wanna be.” Skyler, Middle School

“I love that we have fun while learning.” Jani, Middle School

“Girls Inc. is just fun!” Nalisia, School Age Child Care

“I love meeting new girls and going on field trips. Girls Inc. has taken me to a lot of new places I hadn’t gone to before. It’s awesome!” Ruby, Middle School

“I love when we have slumber parties. We get to hang out even longer!” Mandy, Middle School

Can you feel the love? Because we definitely do! We love and appreciate you, our staff, volunteers and supporters for helping us provide all our girls a home away from home, at Girls Inc. of Lynn.  Thank you!

– Deb