POS: Part of the Solution

Part of the Solution is the youth advisory council to Lynn’s Communities that Care Coalition.

Vision: “Empowering Youth, Empowering Lynn”

Mission: “Through civic engagement and commitment to the growth of our community, we empower fellow Lynn youth with substance abuse education and healthy alternatives.”

Part of the Solution is comprised of 25 Lynn teens (females & males) from different backgrounds who care about making Lynn a great place to live. The purpose of the group is to help reduce alcohol and drug abuse in the city, promote a healthy community, and to make our neighborhoods safe.

Some of Part of the Solution projects are:

  • Youth Leadership & Community Action
  • Collaboration with Lynn’s Board of Health and City Counselors to create and pass city ordinance, banning the sale of drug paraphernalia in city stores and establishments
  • Organize and Plan the annual H.A.L.T. (Harmony Among Lynn Teens) Conference attracting over 300 teen per year to participate in youth-lead workshops
  • An “Environmental Sticker Shock” with Lynn Businesses saving thousands of pounds of paper per year
  • Park clean-ups and replacement of city basketball hoops
  • Applied for and received grant funding to work with city officials to coordinate city-wide events such as Lynn’s Relay for Life and city-wide clean up
  • Planning of youth events such as dances, outdoor movie nights, open mic nights and annual 3 on 3 Basketball tournament

If you are interested in learning more about Part of the Solution, please contact:

Andrea El-Turkmani 781-592-9744 ext.213 or aelturkmani@girlsinclynn.org