Teen Health Ambassadors

Teen Health Ambassadors are a group of six female peer leaders dedicated to peer outreach throughout the city of Lynn. The overall goal of the group is to educate and prevent teen pregnancy, STD’s, HIV/AIDS, and promote healthy choices.

Peer leaders facilitate workshops on teen health and sexuality through our Sister 2 Sister program. Some of the topics covered  include HIV/AID’S and STD’s, pregnancy prevention, healthy relationships, body image, healthy choices, nutrition, and positive risk taking. These peer leaders act as mentors with younger teens and help them become leaders within their schools and communities.

Teen Health Ambassadors also facilitate workshops for youth at many other community organizations, including the
Lynn Housing Authority, Girls and Boys Club, Lynn YMCA, and the Lynn Public Schools.

Community Events

The peer leaders have participated in numerous community events, including:

  • The Harmony Among Lynn Teens annual conference
  • World Aids Day
  • Walk for HAWC
  • Connecting for Change Youth Summit
  • Part of the Solution Youth Council
  • National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Day

For more information, please contact:
Cassandra Foley
781-592-9744 x211