Supporting Gender Equity

Here are some great tips to support girls’ gender equity:

Through Talking and Listening! 

  • Tell a girl she’s great because of what she does and not because of how she looks.
  • Tell a girl it’s okay to brag about something she’s good at.
  • Tell a girl it isn’t “yucky” to play in the mud, hold a snake or get dirty.
  • Tell a girl it’s okay to get angry and to express it in a healthy way.
  • Tell a girl you’ll assist her efforts in leadership by offering to help fundraise, driving her to and from meetings and pitching in on letter writing campaigns.
  • Tell a girl there is no such thing as Prince Charming and that most women will need to work most of their lives to be financially secure.
  • Tell a girl she should gather as much information as she can from many different sources before she makes a decision.
  • Tell a girl it is never her responsibility to make other people feel happy, loved, or secure and that saying no is always an option.
  • Tell a girl about the mistakes you’ve made and what you wish you had done differently.
  • Tell a girl to think in terms of nutrition and to banish the word “diet” from her vocabulary – and tell her you will do the same!
  • Ask a girl what she finds interesting and troubling in the magazines she reads.
  • Ask a girl about her favorite television shows – what roles she sees girls and boys, women and men play.
  • Ask a girl what she wants to be when she grows up and talk about how she can attain it.
  • Ask a girl her point of view on current events and actively listen while she tells you.
  • Ask a girl how her social life is going – is she getting support from friends, are people pressuring her about choices she makes? Listen to what she has to say without getting upset or in a judgmental way.

*Excerpted from the Girls Incorporated book, Strong, Smart, and Bold: Empowering Girls for Life.