Middle School Programs


IMG_0907-1The Middle School program is designed to empower girls ages 12 to 14 to have the knowledge to make healthy decisions, achieve academic success, and develop positive relationships with adults and peers.

It is built on four cornerstones: academic support, personal development, career exploration and physical well being.

Program Information

The program provides academic and social support for girls in grades 6-8, with the overarching theme of embarking on a journey and charting new territory. The Middle School program serves girls of diverse backgrounds by guiding them to build their different strengths, meet their various needs and nurture their dreams. We offer a safe place that aides them in their development and decision making at this crucial, wonder-full, challenging time in their lives.

The vision is to provide a safe, pro-girl environment that offers structured enrichment programs and academic support to encourage strong, smart and bold girls of today to emerge as strong, smart and bold women of the future.

Middle School Programs Offered