Q & A with Strong, Smart and Bold Leader


Meet Emely Gomez Co-Leader of Woke Women at Girls Inc. of Lynn

Woke Women’s mission is to gather in a space that bonds us, young women to share our stories that uplift, educate and empower others. Through the use of current events and personal experiences we engage with one another, in hopes of awakening and alerting peers of the issues engulfing the world and environment around us. Woke Women is a program that occurs every Friday from 4:30-6:00 pm giving members of our community a comfortable space where truths can be spoken, heard, and appreciated.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

As a young, 17-year-old Afro-latinx girl, I was very curious and interested in having discussions about real life social injustices that school systems and programs lack shedding light on. Living in such a diverse community, I attended KIPP for most of my years (from middle school to high school) currently enrolled in my 3rd year, as a junior in high school.

Where did you develop a passion for advocacy?

It was at KIPP, through lessons and group discussions where my love and passion for advocacy and learning about these issues strengthened. As I was grateful that I had that given opportunity in my school to learn and talk about these things that affect our lives every day, I was also aware that not every child is receiving the same opportunity.

How do you feel about co-leading Woke Women?

Being offered to run  Woke Women at Girls Inc. of Lynn by the person who created the program last year, has given me the platform and huge responsibility to connect with others in ways I have been searching- through our identities and commonality.

Stay tuned for details of an upcoming panel discussion with Woke Women and leaders from Social for Social Legacy Dialogues, a social movement that gives the words legacy and philanthropy new meanings with the purpose of creating a society of equality.