Notes from Executive Director: November


As the Executive Director, one of the tasks I enjoy the most at Girls Inc. is our monthly staff meeting. Our last meeting, during staff updates, I was struck by the talent and commitment of all of our staff… in particular, our AmeriCorps members. Year after year, the AmeriCorps members that serve at Girls Inc. of Lynn have not only inspired our girls to be strong, smart and bold, but have also exemplified it through their dedication to service. This year, we are lucky to have six talented women … [Read more...]

Notes from Executive Director

On the first day of fall programming, I walked through the building and instantly felt an amazing energy that made my heart sing. There were smiling faces everywhere! As I walked into our library, now called Ruth’s Reading Room, I heard one of the girls say to the staff “No, don’t stop reading now! You can’t stop now… the story was just getting better”. I knew that over the summer, 70% of our School Age Program girls improved their reading skills, and that almost all of them did not experience a … [Read more...]